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Why trackaway?

Trackaway GPS devices are perfect for both individuals and businesses. Our asset based trackers allow for your expensive machinery, valuable items and more to be tracked and traced with many different reporting intervals available.

Our OBDII tracking devices are ideal for a DIY installation – Simply locate the 16 pin OBD port on your truck or vehicle and plug it in, it’s that simple and there's no need for wires or auto electricians.

It's important for companies to own GPS tracking devices in order to manage productivity, improve efficiency, reduce theft and locate misplaced assets. All of this is available at the touch of a button through our web server or our dedicated mobile application.

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SLX5: Portable 3g asset tracker

The SLX5 includes a rock hard waterproof and shockproof casing which is perfect for heavy machinery or rough conditions. 

The battery life extends to a generous 3 years maximum (based on reporting settings) and includes optional accessories such as magnetic attachments if you prefer not to screw it down.

Popular uses include mining equipment, luxury cars or items, labourer machinery and more.

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PLX5: OBDII 3g vehicle tracker

The PLX5 is suited for a quick and easy DIY installation. Simply locate the 16 pin OBD port on your truck or vehicle and plug it straight in. No messy cables and no expensive auto electricians.

If you wish, you can also remove the OBD tracker and plug it into something else. With hard-wired trackers, this wouldn't be possible.

Smart sleep modes, heading changes and notifications through email or phone are also available for event alerts such as speeding, breaching boundaries (geo-fences) and more.

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